Летняя Школа Системного Программирования 5-6 августа, Москва

Norman Feske is one of the founders and architects of the Genode project. In 2008, he co-founded Genode Labs - a company with the mission to transform this OS technology from an once obscure research project to a next-generation main-stream OS. Prior his work for Genode Labs, he was research staff member at the OS Group of the University of Technology Dresden. He earned his PhD with his thesis on "Securing Graphical User Interfaces".

Bjoern Doebel received his Diploma in Computer Science from the TU Dresden Operating Systems Group in 2006. Since then he has been working on various topics within the area of microkernel-based systems including device drivers, hardware fault tolerance, and communication security. He is currently working on his PhD titled 'Operating System Support for Redundant Multithreading'.

Udo Steinberg is a research scientist at the Intel Germany Microprocessor Lab in Braunschweig and the architect of the NOVA microhypervisor. For nearly a decade he has worked on microkernel-based systems with a specific focus on virtualization, security, and real-time technologies. Prior to his current role, Udo was an OS researcher at TU Dresden and has done internships at the Intel Oregon Research Center (Hillsboro, OR) and the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center (Yorktown Heights, NY), where he worked on x86 and BlueGene/P virtualization projects respectively.

Sartakov A. Vasily is founder of "ksys labs" project, which aimed on research and development in information security area. During his professional career he developed huge amount of hardware-software complexes by applying embedded systems and digital signal processing methods. He is a PhD student in TU Braunschweig.